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His More Than 100 Fellow Workers

In his travels over 10,000 miles, throughout 30 years of missionary travels of the ancient Mediterranean world, he acquires more than one hundred “fellow workers,” who provided him friendship, reassurance, and everyday support. The most familiar are Luke, Apollos, Barnabas, and Silas. There are many others that we are likely not familiar with, such as Archippus, Claudia, Damaris, Linus, Persis, Pudens, Secundus, Gaius, Trophimus and Sopater, to mention just a few. Some of these spend many years at Paul’s side, Aristarchus, Luke, Titus, and Timothy. Some even were with him when he was imprisoned or beaten outside of cities. Many served as Paul’s hosts: Aquila and Prisca, Gaius, Jason, Lydia, Mnason, Philemon, and Philip. We have Mary, Persis, Phoebe, Tryphaena, and Tryphosa were all female fellow workers who were highly praised for their efforts, pains and diligence. Sadly, others, for instance, Alexander, Demas, Hermogenes, as well as Phygelus, did not continue in the Faith, Truth and the Way. In some cases, we know nothing about such ones as Asyncritus, Hermas, Julia, or Philologus, except their names. These men and women are set before us as examples, evidencing what it means to be “fellow workers” within the congregation and “God's fellow workers.”―1 Corinthians 3:9

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