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The Inerrant, Inspired Word of God

This book is written specifically for the churchgoer, which means you do not need to know Greek, technical terms are defined, and many unfamiliar words have footnotes with background information. The author does not assume you are familiar with these subjects. Therefore, while easy to understand, it is deep enough for seminary students as well.

Why pen another book that examines the Bible? How did the Bible come down to us? Is the Bible really God’s Word? How can we know there are not more than sixty-six books that make up the Bible? What does it actually mean that the Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God? Are we naïve to believe that the Bible is inerrant? Did the copyists preserve the manuscripts with care? Is what we have today in our English Translations actually reflective of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek in which they were penned? 

The common assumption today is that the Bible is full of errors and contradictions. Most view the Bible as a book by men that is useless within the scientific-high-tech world in which we live. The average person today is feeding their mind on publications by pseudo-scholarly Bible critics, who seem to take pleasure in casting doubt on God’s Word. However, these critics could not be further from the truth, as there are many reasons why we can and should accept THE BIBLE as The Inerrant Inspired Word of God. The above questions and far more will be addressed within this timely publication.
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