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CPH Bookstore

THE REVELATION OF DANIEL CHAPTERS 11-12: The Time of the End and Beyond by Edward D. Andrews



In Daniel Chapter 11, we find two kings in opposition, fighting one conflict after another for power and dominion. As the decades go by, one will rise up while the other will fall, then the other accumulates domination. One king will be at the pinnacle of his rulership, while the other will be subservient. Then, out of nowhere, periods of peace. Suddenly, they emerge to battle once more. These kings are known as the kings of the North and the South. Over time, they change. The end is an event yet seen, far removed by millenniums from the initial kings. Daniel chapter 12 delves into a question Jesus asked, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Lu 18:8) The close of Daniel deals with the identity of the true worshipers in the time of the end. Furthermore, discover when the great tribulation starts and how many years, months, and days it will last. Andrews also offers three additional appendices to better understand Daniel and the end times. APPENDIX A What Does the Bible Really Say About the Millennium? APPENDIX B Authorship of Daniel Defended APPENDIX C Identifying the Antichrist.

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