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What Are the Benefits of Writing
Blog Articles for CPH Blog?

  • Most Bible scholars can generate a 500-word (1 page) article in 30-40 minutes.
  • CPH has over 100,000 followers on social media. Within your article, we will also put 1-3 book covers of whatever books you choose, and so when we share your blog post on our social media, it will generate sales for you. This repeatedly happens over the years as we post your article each time.
  • We average 700-800 blog visitors a day from Google and other search engines. This gives your books in your article more opportunities to gain sales.
  • You are building your brand. Your name is your brand. The more blog article you write, the greater your presence on the internet. When people go to Amazon, they will look for you as an author, not a genre of book.
  • Most importantly, you are spreading the Word of God to 70+ countries.
  • We will put your picture and biographical information in the article and link it to your author page on Amazon.
  • What if you do not have any books as an author yet? Well, these blog articles can be a Segway to that. As you write articles, they will accumulate, and once you have enough of them, they can become chapters in your first book, which we will publish for you at no cost.
  • The rate of pay will be based on the level of education, the level of experience, what school you teach at if applicable, how long you have been a pastor if applicable, your social media presence, how much you have been published (journals, blogs, and books) and by whom, and things like these.

MA ... M.Div. ...  Th.M ... Th.D. ... Ph.D. ... Only


Number of Words        Rate of Pay MA    Rate of Pay MDiv     Rate of Pay Th.M./Th.D.     Rate of Pay Ph.D.

1,000-word post               $15.00                       $18.00                             $20.00                            $22.00

1,500-word post                $18.00                      $21.00                             $23.00                            $25.00

2,000-word post                $21.00                      $24.00                             $26.00                            $29.00

2,500-word post                $24.00                       $27.00                            $29.00                            $31.00

3,000-word post                $27.00                       $30.00                            $32.00                            $34.00

3,500-word post                $30.00                       $33.00                            $35.00                            $37.00

4,000-word post                $33.00                       $36.00                             $38.00                            $40.00

4,500+-word post              $38.00                       $41.00                             $43.00                            $45.00