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Christian Publish House Authors

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CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Hanne Nabintu Herland

Best Selling Scandinavian Author

Hanne Nabintu Herland is ethnically Norwegian, but was born and raised in Africa, and moved to Europe as a 19 years old. She is a bestselling Scandinavian author, historian of religions and commentator in leading Scandinavian newspapers who has further developed a Norwegian bestseller from 2010: The Culture War. How the West Lost Its Greatness. English is not her first language. She also speaks French, Portuguese, Swedish, Swahili and some Greek.

Adam Gambill

Adam Gambill has published The Christian Dilemma. He is also an adjunct professor of history at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff Missouri. In April of 2012, he received the John Galloway Graduate award for outstanding academic achievement from Arkansas State University. He holds a Masters degree in History and loves to write.

Owen Batstone


Owen Batstone has been pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, in Ogmore Vale, South Wales since 2012. He holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature and studied Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology and Church History with the Evangelical Movement of Wales. He currently lives in Ogmore Vale with his wife and two sons.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Vice-President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics

William C. Roach (BA, Southern Evangelical Bible College; MA, Southern Evangelical Seminary; ThM: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the senior-editor of The Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, Vice-President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, and adjunct professor at The College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC and Capital Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Dr. Roach has authored numerous articles and book chapters, including his co-authored book Defending Inerrancy.

Senior Pastor in Williamsburg, VA

REGINALD F. DAVIS holds a (BA) from Incarnate Word College, (M.Div) from Colgate Rochester Divinity School, and a (Ph.D.) from Florida State University. He has been an adjunct professor at Florida A&M University and Barry University in Tallahassee. He is a frequent radio guest and lectures at colleges, universities, and churches across the nation. Currently, he pastors in Williamsburg, VA with his wife and three children. He is the author of four other books in the field of theology and religion.

Activities and Athletic Director

TERRY JAMIESON is an educator of over 20 years and has been a teacher, coach, and administrator. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri with an Ed. S. In Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. He also holds degrees from Arkansas State University and Pittsburg State University. He is the author of The Voice of Water, a memoir published by PenUltimate Press. Terry is a public speaker specializing in the concept of Empathy. He is a member of the Springfield, Missouri Regional Arts Council. He is currently the Director of Athletics and Activities for Ozark, Missouri Public Schools.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Works with the Homeless

Kris homeschooled their sons for fourteen years. Since that time, she began writing her thoughts at a nearby pond and thus began her widely read blog Ponderings. Her devotions have been published in Our Daily Journey (a devotional site of RBC Ministries), PCCWeb Daily Devotional, Ruby for Women Ezine Magazine, and she is a contributor in the book Alabaster Jars, Life in Abundance Collection 2. She began a Blanket Ministry for the homeless in 2009 and is currently involved in a Homeless Outreach Bridge Ministry.

President of Probe Ministries

KERBY ANDERSON is the President of Probe Ministries. He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, among other. He is the host of "Point of View" radio talk show and regular guest on "Fire Away" (American Family Radio). He is the author of fifteen books. B.S., Oregon State University (Zoology), M.F.S., Yale University (Science), M.A., Georgetown University (Government), Kennedy Institute of Bioethics (Washington, D.C)


HEATHER FREEMAN graduated Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Clinical Psychology in 2011 and went on to complete her Masters of Arts degree at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in 2013. She currently works as a therapist at Lakeland Behavioral Health Systems, where she has been employed since 2009, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat children and adolescents suffering from various mood, conduct, trauma, and attachment disorders.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

CEO and President Christian Publishing House

A.S. Criminal Justice Zane State

B.S. Biblical SDtudies Liberty University

M.A. Biblical Studies Temple Baptist Seminary

M.Div. Theology Liberty University

The author of fifty-five books.

Senior translator of the Updated American Standard Version.

Senior Translator NASB

B.A. UC Irvine,

M.Div. Talbot Seminary

Th.M. Talbot Seminary



Has worked with The Lockman Foundation (TLF) as a translator since 1992, Worked on the NASB.

Probe Ministries

Currently: Doctoral Candidate in Humanities: History of Ideas: Emphasis Philosophy of Technology, University of Texas at Dallas

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, 2003

Dissertation: Hope in the Thought of Jacques Ellul

Master of Theology (Th.M.) in Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, 1994

Thesis: Nuclear Weapons and the Just War Tradition in the Post-Cold War Era

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Biblical Studies, Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina, 1990

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Director of Islamic Studies Southern Evangelical Seminary

Director of Online Education, Director of Islamic Studies, Associate Professor of Apologetics (A.B., 1977; M.Div., 1988; M.A., 2004; Ph.D, 2011) Dissertation: John of Damascus, First Apologist to the Muslims

Professor of New Testament Master's Seminary

B.A., San Diego Christian College

M.Div., Talbot School of Theology

Th.M., Talbot School of Theology

Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

Wheaton College since 1968

Leland Ryken is a professor of English at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He has contributed to a number of works to the study of classic literature from the Christian perspective, including editing the comprehensive volume on Christian writing on literature The Christian Imagination. He was the literary stylist for the English Standard Version of the Bible, published by Crossway Bibles in 2001. He is the author of How to Read the Bible as Literature and Words of Delight: A Literary Introduction to the Bible, as well as co-editor of Ryken's Bible Handbook and the ESV Literary Study Bible (with his son, Philip Ryken). He was the literary content contributor to the ESV Study Bible, released in 2008.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Dr. Mark A. House

Director of Online Biblical Greek

Studies Reformed Theological


Dr. Mark House has been a pastor in the OPC and the PCA for 25 years, having pastored two churches in Southern California. Dr. House graduated with a B.A. in Humanities from Biola University (1976). His initial seminary training was at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (M.Div. 1980). More recently (2002), he received his Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary in New Testament Studies. His dissertation, received with distinction, dealt with the correlation between linguistic style and authorship. g Green, KY where he is an active member and serves at Living Hope Baptist Church.

Southern Evangelical Seminary

DIANNA NEWMAN holds a Hon. B.Sc. with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Toronto, and an M.A. from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Apologetics and Philosophy.

Dianna’s passion is to help equip college, and university students defend their faith while on the secular campus or in the marketplace; as a member of TEAM, she travels both nationally and internationally to speak at universities, churches, women's conferences, and community events. Dianna is a member of the speaking team for the International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA).

Pastor and Author

My name is Bradley Stubbs and I have truly been blessed in my life because I know it is only through the grace of God that I am where I am at today and was able to write this book. God has blessed me with an amazing wife named Gracie that brings so much joy to my life. We currently live right outside of Nashville, TN and partner together in ministry in many different ways. God has also given me the wonderful blessing of being able to serve as the Students/Young Adults Pastor at Laguardo Baptist Church in Lebanon, TN with some of the greatest people I know. I have attained a Master's of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University's School of Divinity.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Director of Veritas Graduate School of Apologetics

Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Southern Evangelical Seminary (B.D., 1985; B.A., 1985; M.A., 1992; Ph.D., 1998)

Retired U.S. Special Forces Green Beret

Kevin is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature. He is a retired U.S. Special Forces Green Beret, a combat veteran who has served in Afghanistan and various other places in the world. In addition, he has worked ten years as a Security Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, he is a full-time writer living in West Michigan. 

Professor at Liberty University

Doctor of Ministry Andersonville Baptist Seminary

Doctor of Biblical Counseling Andersonville Baptist Seminary

Doctor of Theology Andersonville Baptist Seminary

M. A. Religion, Liberty Theological Seminary

Master of Theology Andersonville Baptist Seminary

Master of Pastoral Studies Mid-Atlantic Baptist Institute

M.S. Education, Supervision and Administration - Johns Hopkins University

B.S. Religion - Liberty University

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Adjunct Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries

B.Th Bucharest Baptist Seminary

M.Div Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

D.Min Grace Theological Seminary

Th.D Trinity Theological Seminary

Ph.D. Tennessee Temple University


Kieran Beville (D. Litt.) is pastor of Lee Valley Bible Church, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland and adjunct professor of Intercultural Studies and Practical Ministry at Tyndale Theological Seminary, Amsterdam. He has taught Theology and Biblical Studies on leadership training programs in Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, and India. Dr. Beville has authored several books and numerous articles.

Dr. Gary Habermas

Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy

Gary R. Habermas (Ph.D., Michigan State) has written or edited 43 books, half of these on Jesus’ resurrection, including “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” (Harper) & “The Risen Jesus and Future Hope” (Rowman & Littlefield). Other topics concern near-death experiences, religious doubt, and personal suffering. He has also contributed more than 75 chapters and essays to additional books, plus close to 200 articles and reviews in journals and other publications. The publishers include Oxford, Cambridge, Blackwell, Harper, Harcourt-Brace, Dell, Fortress, Baker, InterVarsity, and Zondervan. He has been Visiting/Adjunct Professor at 16 different graduate schools in the US and abroad, teaching dozens of additional graduate courses. He is Distinguished Research Professor at the Liberty University Divinity School, teaching there since 1981, currently in the Ph.D. program in Theology and Apologetics.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

B.S. Southwest Baptist University

M.Div Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ph.D. Baylor University


Brent Calloway is a graduate of Johnson University (Johnson Bible College) with a BS in Bible and counseling. Brent currently resides with his wife Michelle, daughter Grace and son Luke in Scottsburg, Indiana, where he is the pastor of Zoah Christian Church. Brent also serves as the head chaplain at the local county jail and loves to preach and teach the word of God.


Dean M. Lichterman combines his 16-year background in print journalism with his study of Biblical prophecy to invent the pre-apocalyptic genre for his debut novel "Write Place, Right Time"

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Matthew was born in Markham, Ontario Canada and lived his early years in Mississauga Ontario just outside of Toronto. His family moved eighty miles north to Orillia Ontario where he attended High School and became involved in youth groups in his church. In his late teens, his family moved back to the Mississauga area where Matthew pursued a career in Culinary Skills in Toronto at George Brown College. Matthew's first love has always been writing, and over the years, he has written many stories as well as poetry. During his time at George Brown College, God led him to write about His grace and love in fictional settings. At present, Matthew resides in Mississauga and in his spare time loves to take part in helping the young children in his church. 


Donald T. Williams (BA, Taylor University; MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD, University of Georgia) is R. A. Forrest Scholar and Professor of English at Toccoa Falls College. An ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America with many years of pastoral experience, he has spent several summers doing pastoral training in East Africa and India for Church Planting International. A past president of the International Society of Christian Apologetics and an internationally known Inklings scholar, he is the author of ten other books, most recently Deeper Magic: The Theology behind the Writings of C. S. Lewis (Baltimore: Square Halo Books, 2016), and of numerous articles, poems, and reviews in publications such as Christianity Today, National Review, Touchstone, Modern Reformation, Christian Research Journal, The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, etc..

Terry Overton


TERRY OVERTON is a retired university professor of educational and school psychology. She has an Ed.D. in Special Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has two children and six grandchildren. Her writing and publication experiences include textbook and journal articles in the fields of special education and school psychology. She seeks to answer God’s call to share the good news and grow the church by writing Christian books and devotionals. She and her husband live in the southern tip of Texas where they enjoy the semi-tropical weather and spending time with their friends and family.

CPH Authors

Conservative Christian Authors


Amanda Childress is a graduate of Radford University with a Bachelor of Science in English and a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently a high school English teacher and resides in Virginia. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and writing poetry. She attributes where she is today to the faithfulness and blessings of Christ.

Christian Apologist

ANTHONY WADE (BS in Psychology, MA in Education) He also completed the ministerial credentialing process for the Assemblies of God and was a minister for them for several years before turning his credentials in 2016 over the AG embrace of several renowned false teachers. He has operated 828 Ministries for ten years, exposing false teachers in these last days so that some might be freed.

Christian Apologist

Fred DeRuvo (BS in Biblical Studies, MA in Biblical Studies, and Ph.D. in Theology) is the author of over 30 books. He has worked in numerous ministry positions eventually founding the non-profit Study-Grow-Know Ministries. He is currently living with his wife in southern Georgia.

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