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Product Details
Paperback: 539 pages
Publisher: Christian Publishing House (Feb. 13, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-945757-40-2
ISBN-10: 1-945757-40-X
Product Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Hardcover $29.95 call 866-580-6125 or email
Book Description
Discover the depths of the New Testament with this comprehensive guide that delves into its historical setting, cultural background, and context. “THE NEW TESTAMENT: Its Background, Setting & Content” by Thomas F. Marshall is an essential resource for Christians seeking a more profound understanding of the Word of God.
  In this meticulously researched and engaging book, readers will find a wealth of information to enrich their Bible study experience. By examining the people, governments, and religious leaders of the time, along with the geographical and historical context of the New Testament writings, Marshall enables readers to extract the true meaning of the Scriptures as intended by the original authors.
  This invaluable guide empowers Christians to move beyond shallow study and towards a deeper, more nuanced comprehension of the Bible. As Dr. Lee M. Fields writes, “’Deep’ study is no guarantee that mature faith will result, but shallow study guarantees that immaturity continues.” With Marshall's expert guidance, you will gain the tools and insights needed to elevate your understanding of the New Testament and fortify your faith.
  Whether you are a seasoned Bible scholar or a curious newcomer, “THE NEW TESTAMENT: Its Background, Setting & Content” is a must-read resource that will enrich your spiritual journey and bring the ancient world of the New Testament vividly to life.  
About the Author
THOMAS MARSHALL Doctor of Ministry Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Doctor of Biblical Counseling Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Doctor of Theology Andersonville Baptist Seminary, M. A. Religion, Liberty Theological Seminary, Master of Theology Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Master of Pastoral Studies Mid-Atlantic Baptist Institute, M.S. Education, Supervision and Administration - Johns Hopkins University, B.S. Religion - Liberty University.

THE NEW TESTAMENT: Its Background, Setting & Content by Thomas F. Marshall

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