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and Expanded] by Andrews and Stalker

Product Details
Paperback: 171 pages
Publisher: Christian Publishing House November 10 2018
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-949586-66-4
ISBN-10: 1-949586-66-9
Product Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Also in eBook Format
Kindle eBook Amazon  : $4.95
Book Description and Authors
With solid scholarship and exceptional clarity, beginning in Gethsemane, Stalker and Andrews examine Jesus' trial and crucifixion. Their work is relevant, beneficial and enjoyable because they cover this historical period of Jesus' life in an easy to understand format. Stalker's expressive and persuasive style provides a great resource to any Bible study of the events leading to the death of Jesus Christ. THE TRIAL AND DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST is an academicish book written with a novelish style.
EDWARD D. ANDREWS  (AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Religion, MA in Biblical Studies, and MDiv in Theology) is CEO and President of Christian Publishing House. He has authored ninety-five books. Andrews is the Chief Translator of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV).
JAMES STALKER : Scottish Presbyterian pastor, scholar, professor and author without peer, is a singular figure in the history of Christianity. No one has equaled his grasp of the significance of Jesus and his ability to communicate that comprehension.

THE TRIAL AND DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST: Jesus' Final Ministry at Jerusalem [Updated

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