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Why do bad things happen to good people? This question has troubled humanity for generations, yet it seems to weigh particularly heavy on the hearts of believers. 'WHY ME?: When Bad Things Happen to Good People' delves into this timeless dilemma, offering biblical wisdom and compassionate insights for those wrestling with life's most challenging questions.


Drawing from a conservative Christian perspective grounded in a literal interpretation of the Scriptures, this book offers a comprehensive guide on the age-old problem of evil and suffering. 'WHY ME?' explores the nature of God's sovereignty, the reality of human free will, and the role these elements play in the trials we face. Through biblical exegesis and practical counseling advice, this book aims to assist Christians in navigating the emotional, spiritual, and psychological complexities of suffering.


Chapters are carefully designed to address various facets of the issue, from understanding God's role in adversity to finding healthy coping mechanisms through faith and community. Whether you're struggling with personal grief or a church leader seeking to support those suffering, 'WHY ME?' offers a well-rounded, Scripturally-grounded perspective that balances spiritual sensitivity with psychological understanding.


Embark on this transformative journey towards spiritual resilience and discover how faith can light the way even in the darkest moments.



  • Publisher: ‎ Christian Publishing House (June 13, 2018)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Paperback: ‎ 163 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1945757957
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1945757952
  • Item Weight: ‎ 8.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: ‎ 6 x 0.38 x 9 inches



EDWARD D. ANDREWS (AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Religion, MA in Biblical Studies, and MDiv in Theology) is CEO and President of Christian Publishing House. He has authored over 220+ books. In addition, Andrews is the Chief Translator of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV).

WHY ME? When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Edward D. Andrews

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