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CPH Bookstore

THE KING JAMES BIBLE: Do You Know the King James Version? By Edward D. Andrews


  • Paperback: 257 pages
  • Publisher: Christian Publishing House - August 10, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-945757-99-0
  • ISBN-10: 1-945757-99-X
  • Product Dimensions: 6" x 9"



The King James Bible was originally published in 1611. Some have estimated that the number of copies of the King James Version that have been produced in print worldwide is over one billion! There is little doubt that the King James Version is a literary masterpiece, which this author has and will appreciate and value for its unparalleled beauty of expression. This book is in no way trying to take away from what the King James Version has accomplished. The King James Version is a book to be commended for all that it has accomplished. For four centuries, when English-speaking people spoke of “the Bible,” they meant the King James Version.

We can divide the influence of the King James Bible into the two spheres of its influence in (1) the church and (2) the culture of England and America. From the time of its publication until the middle of the twentieth century, the King James Bible was the only major Bible in use among Christian individuals, families, and churches. The rumors of the demise of the King James Version have been greatly exaggerated. The literary sphere, the King James Version continues to reign unchallenged. The question that begs to be asked of those who favor the King James Bible is, Do You Know the King James Version? What do most users of the King James Bible not know about their translation? Whether you are one who favors the King James Version or one who prefers a modern translation, Andrews will answer the questions that have long been asked for centuries about the King James Bible and far more.



EDWARD D. ANDREWS (AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Religion, MA in Biblical Studies, and MDiv in Theology) is CEO and President of Christian Publishing House. He has authored 180 books, including THE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BIBLE TRANSLATION and REASONABLE FAITH. Andrews is the Chief Translator of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV).

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